Exploring the secrets of museums with Gaël de Guichen


For its first dinner conference of the season, L’Union des Français de Rome has invited its former president, Gaël de Guichen, to share his 50 years of experience in museums around the world.

His job: preventive conservation.
His office: the museums’ reserves !

From Washington to Cairo, Gaël de Guichen makes his audience travel by sharing his many adventures in the heart of these stocks, closed to the public, and yet rich of thousands of collections of all kind.

As for the dinner, it was held at the Grand Palace Hotel, in the Belle Époque atmosphere of the Cadorin restaurant, famous for its art deco frescoes (which we tell you more about in the video “Focus: the frescoes by Guido Cadorin”).

Camera operators : Giorgio Serra, Séverine Pénin
Editing: Séverine Pénin

Let’s go to: The Grand Palace Hotel

To find out more about Gaël de Guichen: : (Portrait published on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Communication)

Gaël de Guichen is counselor to the General Director of the International Center for the Study of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) Chemical Engineer. After being responsible for two years for the conservation of the Lascaux Cave in France, Gaël de Guichen joined the ICCROM in Rome in 1969 where he spent his whole career. This led him to more than 500 missions in the Organization’s member countries, during which he gave numerous lectures and courses on museum conservation.
Since 1975 he has developed the concept of “Preventive Conservation” which he has applied especially since 1985 as part of a vast program of revitalization of museums in sub-Saharan Africa “PREMA” – prevention in African museums -.

In addition you can also watch the following videos:

Focus : Guido Cadorin’s frescoes at Grand Hotel Palace