Focus : Guido Cadorin’s frescoes at Grand Hotel Palace


Guido Cadorin is a famous Italian painter of the 20th century. Born in Venice, he was known internationally in particular thanks to his grandiose frescoes.

The Grand Hotel Palace, better known in the past as the Hotel of the Ambassadors, retains an essential work of Guido Cadorin’s career: a giant fresco depicting the inter-war Roman life, where all the characters represent contemporaries of Guido Cadorin.

This fresco is presented here as part of a dinner organized by the association « L’Union des Français de Rome ».

For the record, Guido Cadorin’s daughter, Ida Barbarigo, also a painter, spent her life between Paris and Venice, where she regularly received the visit of President François Mitterrand during the 80s-90s.

Camera operator: Girogio Serra
Editing: Séverine Pénin

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