Hugo, Sand and Balzac… in Rome!


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Here is the review of the first representation of the play “1830”, given in French at the Rome Parioli theatre as part of the “Gouttes de théâtre” festival, organized by the association « Théâtre Français de Rome ».


The story follows the lives of three of the greatest French writers of the 19th century: George Sand, Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac. Their literary career, their loves, their political commitment, everything is in there! Skilfully written and directed by Manon Montel (who plays George Sand), on the basis of letters exchanged by these three giants of French literature. We discover interesting anecdotes, three fascinating intertwined destinies that mingle with the History of the 19th century, swinging between monarchy and republic.

Text and direction: Manon Montel
George Sand : Manon Montel
Victor Hugo : Thomas Marceul
Honoré de Balzac : Michaël Giorno-Cohen

A play that opened the 2nd edition of the « Gouttes de Théâtre » festival organized by the « Théâtre Français de Rome », which goal is to offer French plays with Italian surtitles to a mixed audience.

Next plays not to be missed: « La porte à côté », comedy by François Roger-Lacan from 10th of January.
And later in 2020: « Cuisine et dépendances », comedy by Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui, and “Marie Curie” by Pina Fortuna.

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Camera operator : Giorgio Serra
Editing: Séverine Pénin