Re-opening of sports halls and gyms in Rome on May 25, 2020


These indications apply to local organizations, individuals and individuals who own gymnasiums, including physical activities with group lessons (without physical contact between people).

The following information are based on the document from the Official Bulletin of the Lazio region, dated 19/05/2020, number 65, supplement no. 4 which you can download below (Italian)

Provide adequate information on all preventive measures to be adopted.

  • Develop an activity program as planned as possible (for example with reservation) and regulate access in order to avoid grouping conditions and aggregations; keep the attendance list for 30 days, in accordance with confidentiality legislation.
  • Body temperature can be taken (from clients), preventing access at temperatures above 37.5 ° C.
  • Managers and workers cannot start their shift if the body temperature is above 37.5 ° C.
  • Organize the spaces in the changing rooms and showers so as to guarantee distances of at least 1 meter (for example, provide alternate or separate use stations with special barriers), also by regulating access to these.
  • Regulate flows, waiting areas, access to different areas, positioning of tools and machines, also delimit work areas, to guarantee the safety distance:
    • at least 1 meter for people who do not exercise,
    • at least 2 meters during physical activity. (with particular attention to the intensity of the activity).
  • Provide the system / structure with distributors of hydroalcoholic solutions for the hand hygiene of visitors / customers / guests in clearly visible places, providing for the obligation of hand hygiene at the entry and exit.
  • After use by each person, the establishment manager disinfects the machine or the tools used.
  • Tools and machines that cannot be disinfected should not be used.
  • Ensure frequent cleaning and disinfection of the environment, tools and machines (even several times a day, for example between one shift and the other), and in any case disinfection of changing rooms (including lockers ) at the end of the day.
  • Do not share water bottles, glasses and bottles or exchange items such as towels, bathrobes or other items with other users.
  • Use appropriate footwear in the gymnasium designed exclusively for this purpose.
  • All clothing and personal items must be stored in the personal bag, even if they are stored in the appropriate lockers; it is recommended not to authorize the large-scale use of lockers and to make bags available for the storage of personal effects.
  • With regard to ventilation, it is essential to check the ventilation characteristics of the premises and ventilation systems and the implementation of adequate air renewal as well as the air quality inside the rooms. For an appropriate microclimate, it is necessary:
  • periodically guarantee natural ventilation throughout the day in all environments with openings to the outside, where there are workstations, staff at work or external users (including courtrooms and open rooms), avoiding excessive cold / hot air drafts when exchanging natural air;
  • increase the frequency of maintenance / replacement of incoming air filter packs (possibly also by adopting more efficient filter packs);
  • with regard to the external air extraction point, make sure that the installation conditions do not cause the appearance of sanitary problems because of the distance between the extraction points and the suction points ;
  • activate air intake and extraction at least one hour before and until one hour after public access;
  • in the case of technical rooms without windows such as archives, changing rooms, toilets, etc., but fitted with mechanical fans / extractors, these must be kept in operation at least for the entire duration of the opening of the structure;
  • with regard to the connection zones between the different rooms of the building (for example corridors, transit or waiting areas), normally equipped with less ventilation or without dedicated ventilation, special attention must be paid to avoid parking or to bring people together, adopt organizational measures so that they are only hired for transit or short breaks;
  • in buildings fitted with specific ventilation systems with external air supply, by means of controlled mechanical ventilation, completely eliminate the closed-loop air circulation function;
  • For heating / cooling systems that use heat pumps, fan coils, or convectors, if it is not possible to ensure proper room air conditioning by keeping the systems shut down, clean filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions, system shutted down, to maintain adequate levels of filtration of the recycled air.
  • vents and ventilation grilles should be cleaned with clean microfiber cloths moistened with soap and water, or with 75% ethyl alcohol;
  • avoid using and spraying detergents / disinfectants by spraying cleaning products directly on the filters so as not to inhale polluting substances during operation.
  • All clothing and personal items must be stored in the personal bag, even if they are stored in the appropriate lockers; it is recommended not to authorize the large-scale use of lockers and to make bags available for the storage of personal effects.