The pizza “cacio e pepe” and the “trapizzino”: two inventions that have changed the life of Chef Callegari!


At 50, he is one of the best-known chefs in Rome, and has play like a child with the Roman culinary tradition, with his creations of the pizza “cacio e pepe” and the famous “trapizzino”

He explains two of his flagship creations:

  • the trapizzino: or how to enclose historic Roman dishes into a triangle of pizza bread.
  • the pizza “cacio e pepe”: in reference to the pasta of the same name, the untouchable specialty of Rome! In the classic recipe, they are spaghetti or tonarelli which is prepared with pecorino cheese – in Roman dialect “Cacio” – and pepper.
    But you must absolutely watch and especially taste the pizza version of Stefano Callegari!

Be careful, it makes you hungry!

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The restaurants of Stefano Callegari in Rome and its surroundings:

Sforno Pizzeria : To the web site

Sbanco pizzeria : To the web site

Tonda Pizzeria : To the Facebook page

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